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Monroe Township councilman wins one for the taxpayers

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Kudo’s for Councilman Frank Caligiuri for standing up for us taxpayers and “doing what’s right”

NJ Community – Time to call the Governor

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According to Governor Corzine, his office IS NOT receiving any public outcry regarding his Monetization rape. Apparently, the Gov. is DARING us to call.Here’s Governor Corzine’s numbers – CALL and express your displeasure about ripping us where the sun don’t shine over the next 75 years – we’ll likely be dead – but it’s our children that will be paying dearly:
609-292-6000 or 609-777-2500
Fax number which is now being inundated is 609-292-3454
“It’s the Spending Stupid!”

Trenton, NJ – New Jersey Republican State Committee Chairman Tom Wilson issued the following statement today in response to Governor Corzine’s State of the State message and proposed Toll Hike Plan:

“The Governor can dress this pig in whatever terms he wants, but it’s still a pig.

His proposal is the mother of all fiscal gimmicks that will leave New Jerseyans paying more so state government can spend more.

It is dishonest at best to call a plan that includes as much as a 500% driving tax increase and $40 billion in new debt fiscally responsible. The Governor needs to follow the lead of the millions of New Jersey families who’ve been forced to cut back on spending to pay their higher tax bills. We don’t need to restructure the state’s finances; we need to restructure state government to make it smaller and more affordable. The answer is simple: it’s the spending stupid!”

Today I begin my NJ Community blog.

My new NJ Community blog differs from this blog in that it is directed at NJ and our legislative fiasco’s and current events.

If you’re an NJ resident, save the link and visit often.

WE have a voice, and we have the power to let our legislators know we CAN AND WILL make this their LAST term, and remind them that THEY WORK FOR US!

My job is to try and bring to light the shenanigans, and keep you updated on what’s most important to us all – a brighter New Jersey for our children, and our children’s children.

The 800% irresponsible toll increase the Gov. Corzine is trying to ram down our throats will be reviewed in detail soon right here.

New Jersey, Jan 19th: GOP Presidential Candidates Roundtable & Straw Poll

NJ: It’s time to show our support. Lets prove to the GOP, FOXNEWS, TALKRADIO and all our local news stations and papers:

Giuliani IS NOT number one in NJ!

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Conservatives With Attitude


Conservative Leadership Brunch

2008 GOP Presidential Candidates

Roundtable & Straw Poll

Saturday January 19th 2008 @ 10:30am

THE FORGE INN, 1002 Rt. 9 North Woodbridge, New Jersey

All 5 GOP Presidential campaigns have confirmed.

Speaking on behalf of the 2008 Presidential Candidates:
Assemblyman-elect Jay Webber will be representing Governor Mitt Romney
Bill Spadea will be representing Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Dr. Murray Sabrin will be representing Congressman Ron Paul
Peter Kane will be representing Governor Mike Huckabee
Assemblyman Guy Gregg will be representing Fred Thompson

Event Flier info and Registration
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Calling New Jersey: NJ Primary Information



IF YOU ARE NOT AFFILIATED: you can participate only if they shed their unaffiliated status and join a party on primary day.

Q: HOW DO I Register?

A: You need to go to your City Hall/Town Clerk or the county board of Elections

I strongly urge you: if you have considered voting for someone in the general Presidential election that is outside your Party affiliate, in order to do all you can to make that candidate the party nominee, please consider visiting your local TOWN HALL and fill out the necessary paperwork TODAY.

SO – for example: if you’re a registered Democrat or independent, but like Governor Huckabee, well, you can vote for Governor Huckabee in the general election on Nov. 2008 only if he’s the Republican nominee… in order for him to be the nominee, all the individual state registered voters need to vote him in as candidate, to represent the Republican party. So the only way you can really exercise your right and be heard, is to do all you can to make Governor Huckabee the nominee – so come on New Jersey – go to your local TOWN HALL and make the change before its too late!!!

Please do all you can to support our next Commander in Chief – whoever you vote for, like Huckabee ;o), make sure your registered for that party by today!