Fred Thompson calls it quits…

Hot off the air by El Rushbo – details to follow as they come out!


Desperate, Trash Talkin Romney: Huckabee is finished

I’ll be sure to re-post this Wednesday – after the Michigan results where Mitt Romney will come in second place with yet another “Silver medal”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 01/11/08 Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said Friday that Mike Huckabee has won his last primary.

Speaking via telephone with editors and reporters from the AJC, Romney said his campaign for the nomination remains strong and predicted that he will win Tuesday’s primary in Michigan.

From there, Romney said, he’ll make “a strong push in South Carolina,” and be competitive in the Jan. 29 Florida primary, all of which will lead to Super Tuesday and the Feb. 5 Georgia primary.

Huckabee, Romney said, is “taking a page from (Democratic candidate) John Edwards’ playbook” as “the guy for the little person.”

Huckabee bested Romney in the Iowa caucus and Romney lost to Sen. John McCain in New Hampshire.

Romney predicted that the South Carolina primary will come down to a fight between himself and McCain.

Huckabee’s Georgia communications director Shawn Davis dismissed Romney’s comments.

Considering Romney is trailing Huckabee in Michigan, South Carolina and everywhere we are competing, his comments seem to reflect a distressed campaign, Davis said.

I don’t see how his insults are going to improve his outlook here in Georgia.

New Jersey, Jan 19th: GOP Presidential Candidates Roundtable & Straw Poll

NJ: It’s time to show our support. Lets prove to the GOP, FOXNEWS, TALKRADIO and all our local news stations and papers:

Giuliani IS NOT number one in NJ!

location change 

Conservatives With Attitude


Conservative Leadership Brunch

2008 GOP Presidential Candidates

Roundtable & Straw Poll

Saturday January 19th 2008 @ 10:30am

THE FORGE INN, 1002 Rt. 9 North Woodbridge, New Jersey

All 5 GOP Presidential campaigns have confirmed.

Speaking on behalf of the 2008 Presidential Candidates:
Assemblyman-elect Jay Webber will be representing Governor Mitt Romney
Bill Spadea will be representing Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Dr. Murray Sabrin will be representing Congressman Ron Paul
Peter Kane will be representing Governor Mike Huckabee
Assemblyman Guy Gregg will be representing Fred Thompson

Event Flier info and Registration
CLICK HERE to register on Line

Pathetic Romney continues slamming his rivals… SIGNS OF DESPERATION

Slick Mitt continues the sleazy misleading, Clintonesque ad’s. The good news is that he’s scared, desperatae, and fully knows that he must make voters think of the other guy, not his own flip-flop laughable record he so willingly and stupidly contrasts to Huckabee’s.

Second hit on Huckabee in Iowa CLICK HERE

Click here to read this article from Romney slaps Huckabee again in ad

In a show of desperation, while slamming Huck in Iowa, decides it’s time to hit McCain – see it here on Politico’s Jonathan Martin

Romney-McCain battle heats up in New Hampshire

Commenting on his AD, McCain to Romney: ‘Try to relax, Mitt’

McCain hits back with an ad of his own – RIGHT HERE

Dallas Morning News Endorses Mike Huckabee

A wonderfully written endorsement of our candidate.

Mike Huckabee for the Republican nomination

Many Republican voters are dissatisfied with the GOP presidential candidates this year. We share that frustration. But one of these men is going to be the party’s nominee. Of this field, Mike Huckabee is the best choice.

It was a hard decision. In most respects, Mr. Huckabee, who governed Arkansas as a pragmatic, compassionate conservative, is not dramatically different from his main GOP competitors. He is somewhat better on energy and the environment, and though none of the Republicans are as forward-thinking about Iraq as they should be, Mr. Huckabee’s emphasis on diplomatic engagement in the Middle East is fresh and welcome.

Mr. Huckabee established a respectable record of fiscal responsibility in Arkansas. Rather than run up deficits, he backed raising taxes to pay for needed infrastructure, health care and education. That’s called prudence, and it was once a Republican virtue.

Mr. Huckabee is not an ideal candidate. Once a Bush-style Republican on immigration, his recent hard-right turn smells of opportunism. He too often wings it on foreign policy. But Govs. Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush also took office without foreign-policy experience. Much depends on the quality of a president’s advisers. A chief executive’s core foreign-policy convictions matter most, and on those, Mr. Huckabee is a standard conservative.

His religious conservatism, particularly his past rhetoric on women and gays, can be alarming. But religious conservatives aren’t easily pigeonholed. A liberal Arkansas professor told The New York Times Magazine that Mr. Huckabee was a good governor. ‘‘When he first came to office, people like me were worried about the religious aspect,” she said. “And he is very orthodox on gays, guns and God. But he knows there’s more than just these issues.”

Indeed. Mr. Huckabee has a stout heart for working families and the poor, which as governor got him crossways with some Republicans. Though his strident criticism of free trade is misguided, the economically moderate Mr. Huckabee seems particularly attuned to the anxieties ordinary Americans face in this era of rapid change.

And he is one social conservative who’s acutely aware of the call to racial healing. In 1997, when Little Rock Central High commemorated integration’s 40th anniversary, Gov. Huckabee delivered a magnificent speech about race, justice and reconciliation that left many in the audience weeping.

It was a profound and profoundly moving address, and it revealed an unusual gift for leadership. Plain-spoken and eloquent, Mr. Huckabee strikes us as decent, principled and empathetic to the views and concerns of others – an antidote to the power-mad partisanship that has led U.S. politics to a dispiriting standstill.

“I’m a conservative,” he likes to say. “I’m just not mad about it.” Along those lines, what sold us on Mr. Huckabee is a sense that of all the Republicans, he is the change agent the nation most needs. John McCain, whose candidacy is quite appealing despite concern about his age and temperament, was arguably that man once. But his moment has passed.

America needs a clean break from the bitter politics of the recent past. From the right, Mike Huckabee, a progressive conservative with a pastor’s heart, can deliver.<!– Image1 start //

The Waterloo Courier

The Waterloo Courier

// Image1 end –>

Article here.

Mike Huckabee Is A Shooting Star In The GOP In South Carolina

Former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee is gaining grace in the eyes of voters rapidly in South Carolina. In polls taken earlier in July, Huckabee was at an all time low of 3%. The same GOP taken this month in the key southern state of S.C. has hit 24%. As a republican candidate he is riding on the coat tails of Giuliani at a good pace. With Former New York Governor, Rudy Giuliani carrying baggage of a past divorced marriage and scandalous gossip of dressing in drag with him; Huckabee could easily take the lead. The polls on show that Huckabee is standing at 19.0 (ABC News) and 21 (American Research group and CBS News) on the National average.

You can also see that the state average in North Carolina is high as well at 33.0 while Iowa is 32. Miscellaneous averages show that Huckabee is favored in the northeast at 10.2 as well as the Midwest at 25.8. With good graces across the television screen, mike Huckabee may be rising to the top of the voter’s choice for the 2008 presidential election. At the Iowa Polls Huckabee over shot Romney who was leading in Iowa previously. Christian supporters for Huckabee may be the answer as the underlying concern of Romney being a Mormon is still an issue. No matter the cause of this success in the polls, the reality is that Huckabee is in second place and depending on how the race is run, Huckabee may be our next president.

GOOD GOSH: Polls breaking for Huck ALL OVER THE PLACE…

Posted by: Kevin McCullough on

Look at these numbers… and Mitt isn’t even in the top three in California and Pennsylvania
Nationally – Rudy 24%, Huck 22% (led briefly late last week in Rasmussen)

– Jan 3 – Huck 39% (up 8%), Mitt 17%, Fred 10%
New Hampshire – Jan 8 – Mitt 25% (down 10%), Rudy 17%, Huck 11% (up 2%)
Michigan – Jan 15 – Huck 21% (up 12 %), Mitt 20% (down 5%), Rudy 19%
Nevada – Jan 19 – Mitt 29%, Huck 23% (up 6%), Rudy 17%
South Carolina – Jan 19 – Huck 30% (up 10%), Mitt 19%, Fred 18%
Florida -Jan 29 – Rudy 32%, Huck 18% (up 7%), Mitt 15%
California – Feb 5 – Rudy 32%, McCain 18%, Huck 14% (up 10%)
Pennsylvania – Feb 5 – Rudy 27%, Huck 13% (up 7%), McCain 13%
Matt Lewis is reporting that it is this very precise momentum that the Romney camp is now actively trying to run interference through…


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