Georgia: Huckabee 34% McCain 19% Romney 16% Alabama: Huckabee and McCain tied for first

The key is deligates, which we’re ahead on McCain. Florida is winner take all and we know we’re not in the top two so it’s smart campaigning in other states while the rest of the gang duke it out in Fla.Now for some Rasmussen poll numbers:
While John McCain and Mitt Romney are fighting for the lead in Florida’s Presidential Primary on January 29, Mike Huckabee has the lead in Georgia.The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Georgia finds Huckabee with 34% of the vote followed by McCain at 19%, Romney with 16%, Ron Paul with 12% and Rudy Giuliani in fifth with 11%.Huckabee is viewed favorably by 70% of Likely Republican Primary Voters, McCain by 63%, Giuliani by 63%, Romney by 62%, and Paul by 25%

McCain is seen as the most electable Republican—70% believe he would be at least somewhat likely to win the White House if nominated. Fifty-nine percent (59%) believe Huckabee would have a chance to win while 55% say the same about both Giuliani and Romney. Just 12% believe Paul would have a chance to win the election if nominated.

Nationally, McCain, Romney, and Huckabee lead in the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll.


John McCain and Mike Huckabee are tied for the lead in Alabama’s Republican Presidential Primary. McCain and Huckabee each attract 27% support while Mitt Romney is a distant third at 15%. Rudy Giuliani is the choice for 8% while Ron Paul is supported by 3% and 20% are not sure.Huckabee currently attracts support from 37% of Evangelical Christians likely to participate in the Primary while McCain leads among other Protestant voters with 32%.Just 40% of the state’s Likely Primary Voters are certain they won’t change their mind before the February 5 Primary.McCain is viewed favorably by 75%, Huckabee by 71%, Giuliani by 64%, Romney by 60% and Paul by 23%.

John McCain is seen as the most electable candidate. Seventy-six percent (76%) believe that McCain would be at least somewhat likely to win the White House if nominated. Just 59% of the state’s Primary Voters are that confident about Huckabee, 56% say the same about Giuliani, and 56% hold that view of Romney. Just 12% think Paul would have a chance of winning in November if nominated.

Nationally, McCain, Romney, and Huckabee lead Obama in the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll,


Rasmussen has Huckabee leading South Carolina, Gallup has Huckabee 1st Nationally

Election 2008: South Carolina Republican Primary
South Carolina: Huckabee 28% McCain 21% Romney 15%
Monday, January 07, 2008
Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is on top once again in South Carolina’s Republican Presidential Primary. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey shows both Huckabee at 28%, John McCain at 21% and Mitt Romney at 15%.
In mid-December, Huckabee and Romney were tied for the lead with 23% of the vote while McCain was well off the pace at 12%.The current survey offers disappointing new for Fred Thompson who earns just 11% of the vote, down a point since December. As recently as November, Thompson was tied for the lead in South Carolina.Huckabee is viewed favorably by 73% of Likely Primary voters in the Palmetto State.
McCain earns positive reviews from 69%, Thompson 64%, Giuliani 61%, and Romney 60%. Ron Paul is viewed favorably by 30% and unfavorably by 61%.Huckabee’s favorables are up seven points since December, McCain’s are up five. Moving in the opposite direction are Giuliani (down five), Thompson (down seven) and Romney (down 11).
On the Republican side, Gallup says Iowa caucuses winner Mike Huckabee has jumped into a national lead for the first time. The rundown: Huckabee, 25%; Rudy Giuliani, 20%; Sen. John McCain, 19%; Fred Thompson, 12%; Mitt Romney, 9%; and Rep. Ron Paul, 4%.Huckabee’s support rose 9 percentage points from mid-December. McCain’s rose 5 points. Giuliani’s fell 7 points. Thompson’s fell 2 points. Romney’s fell 5 points.
The surveys of 423 “Republicans or Republican leaners” and 499 “Democrats or Democratic leaners” each have margins of error on all results of +/- 5 percentage points. The polls were conducted Friday-Sunday.As we noted earlier, Rasmussen Reports said today that its daily tracking poll showed Clinton’s lead over Obama nearly gone and that Huckabee had edged ahead among Republicans.To read more about the poll click here.

Another day, another poll: Missouri – Huckabee 45% Clinton 43%

Rasmussen Reports – Tuesday 12/18

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has a slight edge over leading Democrats in the race for Missouri’s Electoral College Votes. Not only that, he runs a bit stronger than former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani when matched against those same Democrats.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds Huckabee with a 45% to 43% advantage over New York Senator Hillary Clinton. Huckabee also leads Illinois Senator Barack Obama 45% to 41%.

While Huckabee has a slight advantage over the Democrats, another Republican hopeful finds himself at a slight disadvantage. Giuliani now trails Clinton by six points, 45% to 39%. In October, Missouri voters gave Giuliani a narrow lead over Clinton.

Giuliani now lags Obama by just a single percentage point after leading Obama by five in October.

Huckabee is viewed favorably by 53% of Missouri voters and unfavorably by 36%. Obama is viewed favorably by 52%, Clinton by 51%, and Giuliani by 45%.

Reflecting the apparently greater fluidity of the GOP contest, just 27% say Rudy Giuliani is most likely to win the GOP nomination, 21% say Huckabee, 13% say Romney. (Rasmussen Reports has outlined how each of five leading GOP candidates could plausibly wind his way to the nomination.) But 50% believe Hillary Clinton is most likely to win the Democratic nomination, and 26% name Barack Obama. Garnering only 8% of the votes of confidence is Senator John Edwards.

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