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Welcome to my Weblog – thanks for visiting. I hope you find it informative and useful, and I encourage you to please visit our sites.

We live in Central New Jersey. I consider myself to be an average Christian American Husband and Father. I have a good job in financial services and we run a small business Bookkeeping service (actually, that’s my wife’s) and we are DComm solutions – a communication service for business and residential customers including VOIP and T1 Dedicated.

We are married for 19 years, and have three children ages 10 thru 17.

SO – what is important to us, an why do we have this blog?

Most important: Our children. This means everything is an important issue because it’s society that my children are a part of: Other children (young adults), our community, health, their education, my ability to be a leader in my home, my ability to protect them, provide for them, and raise them to be great people morally and spiritually.

That means not being spoiled and thinking they can get everything everyone else has, you know: too much material things. See, in my opinion we live in a society that “pushes the agenda” that parents have no right to discipline their children, or punish them when they knowingly do wrong.

Since it’s so popular in our culture I’m sure my children will be friends with some that share that worldly philosophy (In the words of Casting Crownsliving in a society that teaches “save the trees and kill the children“): that’s why we must stay true to our core values and not have liberal minded socialists controlling our branches of government, turning this wonderful country into a Socialist nation that hates our creator and wants nothing to do with Him.

What else? Well, I’m thankful that I have an opportunity to start a business, and I’m thankful that I have healthcare – though it’s not as great as I’d like, I’m thankful that our county ranks tops in cancer success rate. (Unfortunately, there are some presidential candidates that feel that we should have socialized healthcare? What does that mean? That the government will control it – basically tell you when and where to see a doctor, what you can and cannot have done, etc… If your a doctor, would you continue to want to practice knowing that you report to the government? Sorry – I don’t want to wait four months to get a biopsy heaven forbid I am diagnosed with cancer.

I can’t understand why something that works so well for most Americans, must be broken by liberals – no: actually I do know. If we have to depend on the government, that gives them power – and that, my friends, is what the Democratic party is aaaall about – the ability to control.

I’m thankful that my children are getting a great education. My taxes are high and I’m not happy about it. Although my children are benefiting from the taxes I pay I’m not willing to pay for wasteful spending and would like to do what I can to change that.

I’m thankful that I can freely choose our church (currently anyway), but disappointed that our society is so intolerant of Christians, but very tolerant of just about any other world-wide religion – heaven forbid any of our children want to say the name Jesus or say a prayer in a public school… we hear stories of the of intolerance typically by school administrators that will also bend over backwards to not insult believers of other religions.

There’s more, a lot more, but now you know me a little bit. If you share in my beliefs and also share the same issues and concerns, I invite you to comment. In the meantime – please use this blog as a source for political education. Our country depends on us knowing who is best fit to lead us.

Let your voice be heard – and vote with your heart!

Our Business

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Many Blessings all!


Verse to Remember:

Trust the lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.

Acknowledge him in all things, and he will direct your path. Proverbs 3: 5&6


28 Responses to “About Us”

  1. onemom Says:

    Hello Bill and family –

    Welcome to the campaign trail! I am so glad to see the number of new blogs for Mike Huckabee in recent weeks that are written by Christians (and homeschoolers too!). I’ll be stopping by often, and I’m adding you to my blogroll as soon as I finish this comment.

    Many blessings …


  2. Philip in Manalapan Says:

    It’s a great idea to start a blog for Mike Huckabee. So many people do not know about this wonderful Christian candidate. Right now, he doesn’t have as much support as the other candidates, but that could change.

    I believe the First Amendment permits children to say they love Jesus in any public facility. It also permits them to say a prayer. The big scam is many teachers do not know their own rights and have been brainwashed by the liberals to believe that it is not permitted. The First Amendment says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;” That means that no government body can create a state religion nor can anyone stop anyone else from exercisinig their religion and that includes praying in school. More of us should confront any teacher that tries to stop a child from talking about or praying to God or Jesus. They just do not have the authority to ban it, but they try to make you think they do.

    Nice blog. Keep it going.

  3. christians for huckabee mobilize Says:

    hi bill!
    enjoying your site…keep up the good work!

  4. Duncan S Says:

    Will you or other people organize a Huckbee meeting in the tri-state area. We may not help the Iowa poll but many tri-state Christian conservatives have money.

  5. Gary Walter Says:

    It is exciting to learn of more Huckabee supporters in the Garden State! I am a business owner and pastor in the Toms River area and could not be more commited to doing all I can to see Mike elected President. My wife and I had a wonderful opportunity to meet the Governor just after the Values Voter Summit in Washington and are planning to take some vacation time to help out in Iowa and New Hampshire. In the meantime we are doing what we can to spread the word and pray for this wonderful brother .

  6. Chris D Says:

    Howdy from one Huck supporter to another.

    Would you consider posting my 99 cent bumper sticker offer with FREE shipping somewhere on your blog? I’m not profiting from the sales but wanted Huck Supporters who desired only 1 or 2 stickers to have that option for a low price.

    On my website, you’ll see I have Huck banners and do not sell stickers for any other candidates. I’m for Huck!

    Many thanks for your consideration. Here’s my text below:

    Howdy Team Huckabee,

    Want to display 1 or 2 Mike Huckabee for President bumper stickers but don’t want to buy 10, 25, 50 or 100 at a time?

    Come to my website at the bottom of the main page to order your own Mike Huckabee for President Bumper Sticker for only 99 cents with FREE shipping.

    I’m not making any money off of these…..I just want to help spread the word about Future President Huckabee and encourage you to help his publicity cause.


    My supply is limited right now, but I’ve got another 100+ coming in soon. Again, I’m actually losing a small amount on each transaction since I’m paying for shipping & my merchant fees, but it’s worth it. I’ll get your sticker in the mail within 24hrs. No other stickers on my site……..just Gov H.

    Thanks to those who have already responded.

    God Bless Team Huckabee
    Chris from Alamo City Cards

  7. Steve Says:

    Good morning,
    Please be sure to endorse this drive on your blog:

  8. chel Says:

    Hello Bill,

    I like your personal information. You seem like a very affable, family-oriented, God-fearing person.

    However, I must say that although I like Mike H.’s charm, I don’t trust him. And I’ll tell you why.

    I went to his website to better understand where he stands on the issues. As a devout, family-oriented, God-fearing college student (from Rutgers myself) he personally attacks my faith and says America is in a struggle of the century against Islamofascism. As you can deduce, as a pious, spiritually-content Muslim to hear a Baptish minister defile my faith like that by linking one of the great world religions and linking it with an atheistic European ideology of mass murder and genocide is repugnant.

    Don’t get me wrong, there is a cult within Muslims who think getting revenge on Americans for the crimes of their political leaders like funding Israel with its oppression against Christian and Muslim Palestinians and occupying Arab and Muslim lands of Arabia justifies killing.

    No great religion when properly understood sanctions killing. As the holy Koran states: “The killing of one soul UNJUSTLY is like killing ALL of humanity.”

    As a devout Christian, I’m sure you’ll be offended if anyone links your faith to fasicm based on the crimes of a few radicals terrorists. Throughout history every religion has had adherents of the intolerant strain, even Buddhism.

    You might say where are the Muslim voices. I say they don’t get the media coverage as the biased FoxNews keeps showing Obession and other openly anti-Muslim films which instills poison in people who truly don’t know 1 iota about Islam.

    Here’s a recently published initiative by the leading Muslim voices:


    And here Mr. Huckabee fails to see that and casts his net against my faith pretty strongly and wrongly. He goes on to add, “Their god is impersonal.” Another personal attack, but this I’ll let him have since I let God or Allah in Arabic be the best Judge of each and every one of us on the Day when there will be no help but his.

    In closing, though I like your very well setup site and wish you the best in your support for Mr. Huckabee, I hope you understand that as a TRUE Republican, I will support Dr. Ron Paul and his message of limited government, though I don’t agree 100% with him either.

    May Allah (God) Bless (and yes its the same God despite what Mr. Huckabee might have some believe),

    Best to you, your family, and your business 😉

  9. Chel Says:

    Apparently you did post my comment. My apologies for the angry retort where I fell short-changed.

    But the premise is this: IF the Republican Party needs to survive in the next generations, it better damn well bring in some new ideas AND the younger college generation!!!

    If the college generations see more wars on the horizon against Iran by the likes of Frum, Kristol, Perle, Krauthammer, Malkin…I’m afraid this party WILL die out…

    Its time to do some serious planning now!!!

  10. Max Pizarro Says:

    Hey, Bill. My name is Max Pizarro. I’m a reporter for PolitickerNJ.com. I’m trying to write a story about Huckabee in New Jersey. Could you please call me at – – – – ? Sincerely, Max Pizarro.

  11. christfollower Says:

    Thank you for your kind comments over at my blog. I, too, have added you to my blogroll and look forward to continuing to read your posts. You have a great testimony and purpose for having this blog. These are very important times in which we live and Christians must not sit idly by without being active for our Lord! God bless you!!

  12. Bob Says:

    Hi Bill,

    How’s it going, brother? I am a Christian in central NJ too. I am a reformed baptist, and believe in the doctrines of grace and concepts like the 5 points of Calvinism. I’ve done missionary work in China and am planning to go to Mexico this year. Why say all this? I’m just trying to make some case for my faith before I begin.

    It’s always a good thing to see people involved in the American political process. From reading what you’ve posted it’s very evident that you are a caring and hard-working father and husband – both admirable things.

    However I simply have to disagree with your support for Huckabee. I believe he is a good Christian, I know he is a moral guy – however;

    *He has a profound lack of respect for the rule of law in America. He supports a moralistic government ruled by dictatorial tactics. His record readily shows this. (now, the dictatorship might be good as long as a good person is in power – but what happens when that changes? Remember, the policies that enabled Hitler to come to power were set long before he was ever elected).

    *Many of the things he says sound good, but they are simply not well thought out. For instance at one of the debates he said “We are the United States of America, not the divided States of America,” which sounds great! but implied by use of faulty logic that if you didn’t agree with the war, you were guilty of being unamerican. Historically that is wrong, both for Americans and Conservatives (who were elected to stop both Vietnam and the Cold War). It truly worries me that ideas are simply cut off and shunned so, especially by one so far up in authority.

    *Recently at Liberty College, Huckabee claimed God was responsible for his recent surge in the polls. Actually he said “the same power responsible for a little boy being able to feed 5000 with two loves and 5 fish” (Despite Jesus never being a boy during that miracle…) Regardless of that error, I fear the actual reason for his surge in the polls is much more nefarious. The Democrats know Romney and Guiliani are unelectable as things are right now, so they’ve take a real softball approach towards Huckabee in the media. It seemed he was on every station simultaneously a couple of weeks ago – but if you agree the media is liberal than you have to ask yourself “WHY? Why this concerted push on Huckabee right now?”

    The answer, as Drudge reported yesterday, is that they want a Republican they can easily defeat. Sad to say, Huckabee’s recent scandals have only just begun to come to light. As Drudge states, the Democrats are laying low for the easy kill in the General Election later.

    *His tax plans and foreign policy are destructive. The FAIR tax s a misnomer, much like the name Federal Reserve, as there is nothing fair about it. In fact, if you look at all the statistics, it merely renames the IRS as another entity, and that’s assuming Huckabee can get the Constitutional amendment in place to abolish the Income tax… In all likelihood, we would end up with an Income tax and a 30 percent (if you read the Fair tax book, it actually admits later on that it’s 30%) sales tax on top of that. Huckabee’s record on taxation is so bad he was actually able to raise more taxes on Arkansas in 10 years than the Clinton’s were able to in 12. And the ones who always suffer the most from Taxes is Middle-Class America.

    –Simply put, there are many reasons I do not support Huckabee and I am truly surprised about how many people are bing fooled by him. Let me introduce you to my candidate, Ron Paul. I don’t know if you have heard of him, but he is set to steal away 1st place in NH and Iowa, and he is going to raise a TON of money on December 16th.

    Ron Paul is a Christian and has exemplified this in his personal life for many years. He’s been married to one woman all his life and has a huge family. He was a Vietnam flight surgeon and an Obstetrician at home, delivering over 4000 babies. He is very educated and very wise, and speaks with a clarity of thought rarely displayed in this time of sound bytes. The media haven’t been paying attention to them because he is their worst nightmare. He is also the Democrat’s worst nightmare. Listen to what the man has to say, and he can easily defeat any Democrat on the field today.

    Look, I’m not asking you to throw out your candidate. I am asking you to look critically at everyone. The best place to learn about Ron Paul is at his website http://www.ronpaul2008.com. (Yes, I have visited Huckabee’s page and looked it over). Go to youtube and look at some of his video. The man speaks Truth!

    Anyways, this is just a warning from a fellow Christian; Huckabee is that glass jaw candidate that Democrats have been looking for.

    Thanks for your time,
    Bob C.

  13. billgarcia Says:

    thanks much for your comments and visit Bob.

  14. Vicki Hampton Says:

    Well Bill I think that something needs to be done about the poll-pushing and the dirty politics. I think that this type tactic is showing the world exactly what type christian and pastor that Huckabee is as well as the “supposedly christians” that condone and are participating in this type dirty politics. Not to mention his fake credentials”yeah he should fit right in” in Washington D.C. A loyal John McCain supporter”the real candidate.”

  15. Tim Howes Says:

    Greetings: I am always glad to see new Republicans become interested and active in New Jersey. While the two of us are supporting two different presidential candidates, that will not always be the case. There will come a time when the nomination is settled, and that will be a time for us to come together, Huckabee supporters and Thompson supporters, to work for a better New Jersey and a better NJGOP. I’d love to speak with you when you have a chance. Please email me your telephone number. Best wishes to you and your family for a Merry Christmas,

  16. Zhenna Says:

    Does it bother anyone but me the Mr. Huckabee has been caught in so many lies and that his mentally ill son hung a neglected dog and Mr. Huckabee tried to cover it up and then lied about it. It takes more then just saying “Jesus” for my vote. It should for Christians too. Or do you just blank out anything but the abortion issue. From my viewpoint, I think David Huckabee is a good poster child for Pro Choice! It is a long list but he has lied about border securtiy, taxes, hanging the dog, pardoning rape, murder and durg dealers. But I guess all it takes for your vote is “Jesus” and “abortion”.

  17. peter applebome Says:

    Bill: I’m a New York Times reporter interested in speaking with Huckabee supporters in the region. Please contact me via this email address if you have a few minutes to speak. Thanks and best wishes.

    Peter Applebome

  18. Joseph Schuler Says:

    Billy- Congratulations on the New York Times article, and on your successful weblog. I also support Huckabee’s candidacy, something few would have done back in the old Democratic enclave of Canarsie. We’ve all come a long way from Avenue L.
    Joey Schuler (remember?)

  19. Patrick Says:

    Hello Bill,

    Hi everyone. Very exciting times are these. People coming together to debate the issues and select the candidates. Time to participate in elections that will help select the course our country will follow for the next four years. According to the media the issue most on the minds of Americans at the moment is the economy. I too am concerned about the financial heath of our nation but more so I am very concerned about the war mongering that has become so pronounced in the Republican Party. The idea that preemptive war should become an acceptable national policy is very disturbing and very wrong. We talk about the sanctity of human life but sanction invading another country that was not involved in 9/11 and was never a direct threat to us. Even if you want to debate the bad intelligence and decision process that lead to war, hindsight should be 20/20. Iraq was clearly a mistake. But this is not what I hear from our candidates, excepting Ron Paul that is. All contend that this Iraq war was the right thing to do and maybe Iran should be next. Starting wars half way around the world is plain wrong. How long will God smile on America when we choose to make war? All I’m asking is that everyone take a minute and consider the road that is being chosen for us. War causes death and destruction and hate. That should not be the legacy we hand off to future generations.

    Be well everyone.


  20. JImbo Says:

    I’m a father myself, 47, 2 kids (one in the active duty military readying for his second deployment to Iraq), a mortgage and 2 cars. I’m also a liberal and an atheist.

    Yes, I believe in socialized medicine. And no, it’s not an attempt to “control” anything but costs and to provide the best medical care to the largest number of people possible. Call it whatever you choose, but frankly it makes sense and is a workable solution that is fair and equitable.

    When I question those who object strenuously to “socialized” medicine I always find that they really don’t believe in health care for anyone but themselves. They seem to use the (for them) emotion-charged word “socialism” as a shield to their own disinterest in the problems of of others. You said so yourself, you have health care that isn’t perfect but which satisfies you.

    When so many others in this county are suffering, dying prematurely and facing financial ruin due to our health care crisis the only way to interpret your comment is ” I have mine and to hell with the rest of you”. Sadly in my opinion this is perfectly in line with the general selfish and self-centered nature of modern American Christianity and conservationism – and why I subscribe to neither.

    Finally, saying liberals want to “break” things simply for the sake of doing so is silly and irrational – so much so that it passes from being simply misguided thinking into being a deliberate lie and insult stated with the intent to hurt. This is neither moral or ethical behavior on any level and frankly you should be ashamed of your dishonesty.

  21. billgarcia Says:

    Greetings. You must be extremely proud of your boy. Please let him know on behalf of my family and all my readers, friends and colleagues: we Thank him and love him for his dedication.

    I wanted to respond to and query your comments regarding my percieved attitude about my healthcare. All I can tell you is what I DO know, and hopefully you can help me understand where your coming from personally.

    First: I do know that most of the employed population has more that one choice regarding health care providers.

    Second: I know that ANYONE with a life threatening illness can, does, and must obtain care.

    Third: I know many and heard that its a common practice who are employed that elect NOT to partake in healthcare choices and elect to visit the emergency room and ge care for free.

    fourth: we have the best care, hospitals, technology, doctors and cancer survivorship on this planet. Why?

    Fifth: Europe, Cuba and Canada already have this in place and its welldocumented that it does NOT work: why would we bring it here?

    Fact: A Canadian friend of the Clintons was diagnosed with something that required immediate treatment: do you know what he did?? He came to the states. Why? Because it was going to be about 6 months before he can get an MRI. Are you saying that you’d be better off waiting 6 months for a potential life threatening MRI because the government is giving you healthcare you think is free? Let alone tell you where you can and cannot get treatment from? If yes, WHY?

    and just another point: do you have any dea how much it would cost to “give” this healthcare to everyone? You would be paying it in taxes, and so would I.
    Now, I need to understand please:
    1- The government runs Social Security: do you think it’s a successful plan and is efficient in that there are no problems with it? Why would u trust healthcare to be any different
    2 – given my points on why it might be a detriment to our economy and our high rate of cancer survivorship (I’m sorry- I strongly disagree with you on the comment about financial ruin and premature death and I challenge you to back up that claim.

    I am not a selfish individual because I do not agree with your views. I’d like to understand your personal experience on why you subscribe to this hype?
    ..and I believe with the current system, you and your family right now have the ability of receiving healthcare: am I right or wrong, and help me understand why I may be wrong…

    My goal is not to try to convince you: I just want too better understand your position and why.

    God Bless!

    Bill Garcia

  22. Patrick Says:

    Good evening fellow Huckablogger! Good work you’re doing here. It truly astonishes me that his detractors continue to insist his appeal is only due to his faith. It must be a great shock to them all that Huckabee is now right where we expected him to be–the national GOP frontrunner. See article at http://blogs.usatoday.com/onpolitics/2008/01/gallup-clinton.html. I just returned from New Hampshire and if crowd size is any indication, the Huckaboom is spreading! I suppose there are just a heckuva lot more of us working class fathers who want a President who doesn’t just pretend to speak for middle America, but IS middle America. Rock on Bill!

  23. kristin Says:

    Can you put me on your blogroll? I’ll put you on mine.

    Keep fighting the goodfight!

    God Bless,


  24. Jim - Colonia, NJ Says:

    Bill and everyone,

    I’m meeting Theresa from our meetup to pickup Huckabee signs. I know you ordered some. I can get yours, too, and then meet you somewhere. I live in Woodbridge and can meet you halfway…

    Mobile: 732-322-2733

  25. Richard Kane Says:

    I was hoping to communicate with a blog closer to Philadelphia, but dream of actually talking to Huckabee about forthright defending the President on Stem Cells and other moral issues, so second guessing one foreign polcy blunder won’t detract from Prsident Bush preventing nuclear war between India and Pakistan, or resisting bin Laden’s so-far systematic unsuccessful effort to sour things between the US and the Saudis

    There is no organized effort to defend President Bush other than praising him for standing firm in Iraq. I think defending the President’s moral stance will aid candidates like Huckabee, and besides I think it is only right.

    A notch of mine is defending President Bush from Impeachment smears, and as a result I have been blacklisted from Oped News where I had started a promising writing carrier. (My articles are still there but I can’t post in any way.) I am very worried about such things as cloning a dog with a human to get a better servant. I don’t know if I could ever be desperate enough to eat a child or use human growths to save my life, but if I was, I wouldn’t pretend to be proud of it or demand that others get the same opportunity.

    I, for one, appreciate the President’s compassion on immigration and getting along with the Saudi’s etc. I wish he was more alert on the physical needs of poor people but Clinton devastate the unions, and poor people organizing, with Bill’s phony folksy support, and hardball attacks on the unions.

    The worst policy out of Iraq would be al Qaeda suicide-bombing the freeing Americans, to get maximum credit, and to try to make us stay until we get out of Afghanistan and stop supporting defending the Saudi’s as well. However, no one really believes Bush’s Iraq policy is ideal, so the well-orchestrated and financed efforts to support the President on the war, and condemn him on stem cells and Immigration is actually ruining his reputation.

    Anyway, enclosed is what I sent Philadelphia Metro. Only a piece of it was published. The Washington Post published nothing even though they published a shrill impeachment piece by former Senator McGovern and in the old days would be honor bound to publish a response.

    Bush no ogre

    John Nichols (Final act for Bush is tragic for us all,” Jan30 ) left out all the good news about the Bush administration. I agree with Nichols that redistribution of wealth is important but the last President who thought so was Carter. Clinton decimated union organizing and prevented the poor from demanding their rights more than Reagan and elder Bush with his causal dress and horn playing. Finally the unions are back and the poor are organizing again like they used to do under Jimmy Carter.

    George Bush has a wonderful immigration policy destroyed more by Liberals who refused to support it than Conservative attacks. After 9/11, he calmed and soothed the nation as he urged people not to deface Muslim Business, [THE REST OF THIS LETTER GOT CUT OUT OF THE FEB 1, PHILADELPHIA METRO.] fought al Qaeda and the peace movement from fermenting hatred between American and the Saudi people. If under McCain, Romney and Hillary we get finagled by al Qaeda into fighting the Saudis, we will know what real war is all about.

    President Bush apologize to the King of Jordan, for Abu Ghraib but the peace movement and Kerry campaign said “Bush looked small and the King tall.” This apology might have led up to Queen Knoor of Jordan, leading the struggle against al Qaeda until al Qaeda agreed to leave Jordan alone.

    Most of all in 2002, after a al Qaeda inspired if not sponsored attack on the Indian parliament, there was escalating gun battles between India and Pakistan in Kashmir, President Bush was hands on, and Colin Powell mediated. And somehow Musharraf, in a bold move for peace, actually pulled Pakistani troops back off the border. In 2006 Powell tried to brag a little but India was insulted so he shut up. But I think stopping Nuclear War in Asia makes George Bush our greatest President.

    Please President Bush you stopped bin Laden from fermenting war between the West and the entire Muslim World, please stop the war in Iraq before Hillary comes along and gives al Qaeda the big war with Muslims bin Laden finagled and craved for. PS We used to hear of the power of positive thinking, but with all the negativity hurled at George Bush, it is a wonder he is even able to function at all.

    Richard Kane is a free lance writer. [prefer my email included RichardKanePA@aol.com]

    215-563-2866 22 S 22nd St Apt 305 Phila PA 19103 blog Ramblings from the Hornet’s Nest: http://ramblingsfromthehornetsnest.blogspot.com

    I’m not allowed to post any more on Oped News due to anti-Impeachment postings.

    Attn, Metro: Since most forgot the 2002 crisis between India and Pakistan, I enclosing reference links

  26. Richard Kane Says:

    My last comment is still waiting for moderation. somethings aol can be a problem I want to send it again from another bronzer if you didn’t get it. ENCLOSED IS ON ANOTHER SUBJECT

    Bill Garcia:
    It’s good to see a sight or even paper that allows honest debate including the irritating rant about Ron Paul, and your honest rebuttals. I’d like to see your feedback ofNthe following even though I expect something a little sharp.

    Ron Paul Promotes Peace, but the Social Cost may be Huge

    Somehow Republicans did more than smear. They convinced many that smearing is the way to express disagreement.

    Ron Paul is now being smeared by both the Left and the Right. Honest disagreements with him get lost in the smears. Ron Paul reminds us of the wonderful Constitution the Founding Father’s gave us, but forget all the improvements since. Slavery and Indenture servitude was abolished. Women got the vote. Social justice kept expanding, culminating with Roosevelt’s New Deal and Johnson’s great society.

    I once was infatuated with Ron Paul, impressed with all his young supporters compared to us tired old activists who have been protesting since the‘60’s. But I began to wonder about banks charging interest on money getting printed. And began to worry about whether the country can afford Kucinich’s and Edward’s social programs. This happened to other peace activists who became infatuate with Ron Paul. Progressive websights that save their postings can be checked to see how much their interest in the poor and union rights declined after getting involved with Ron Paul.

    Not long ago, Bill Clinton was good on cultural issues but attacked the unions and cut programs for the poor. Many Women, Gays and even Blacks who weren’t in the unions or poverty stricken didn’t notice because they liked Clinton. Clinton had a way about him when he dressed casually and played the horn.

    Before that was the Reagan Revolution, where Reagan got what had been very socially progressive Catholics and Jews to more often vote Republican, by harping on Israel and abortion.

    Nixon did some horrible things, but Reagan’s changes stuck around. I’m worried that Ron Paul might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, with almost no one looking out for the poor as unions and collective solidarity disappear. Ron Paul dividing progressives is further increasing the speed the US becoming a land of only the very poor and very rich.

    When Fox News kicked Ron Paul out of its debate, he didn’t meekly follow Gravel and Kucinich example. The Nebraska Register suddenly claimed Kucinich’s insulted the importance of Nebraska because campaign headquarters’s was at someone’s home, Kucinich meekly complained . Paul fought back, urging supporters to protest Fox executives, and sell any stock they might own. Then Kucinich began to aggressively complain as well, but it was too late. We have something to gain if we join Ron Paul’s campaign of condemning Fox New. In a deadlocked convention, denying minority participation could affect the outcome.

    Perhaps we should demand Ron Paul supporters give as much money to the poor as they do to Ron Paul. If he had his way, all government programs would be eliminated. We thought slavery and indentured servitude were eliminated. But college students are now volunteer in the kind of company they want to work for to get a good reference. Desperate parents of an extremely sick child could be driven into what amounts to indentured servitude. Even ordinary people may need to volunteer for years, or indenture themselves with an employment agency to get a half decent job. It’s sad to see someone working as a human bulletin-board standing in front of a store plastered with advertisements. Shouldn’t one get benefits instead?

    Ron Paul is not a racist. He proposed a declaration of war in Iraq, and a sweeping Constitutional Amendment on abortion. Then voted against the proposal he introduced to emphasize that if one wants a war Congress is supposed to declaim it. And if you want a federal law it should be Constitutional, rather than playing such games as a 24 waiting period, to get funding. (PS I’m not sure about the muddled law he was complaining about.)

    Many have honest differences with Ron Paul, but smears and distortions get in the way of debate. The problem is that the New Deal, and Great Society is in tatters. Ron Paul widens the wound and the bleeding. But don’t attack Paul for the wrong reasons, you are just making smearing the system across the political spectrum and only hurting ourselves if we do so. If progressives don’t stand for integrity then no will, and who has the most effective smears will be who gets their way.

    (Possible) PS. Another person now jointly smeared by both Democrats and Republicans is Mike Huckabee. Huckabee is restoring the traditional social gospel of helping children and the poor. But he doesn’t respect Gays and non Christian minorities. Hopefully he will be criticized for this, rather than an ever more massive smear campaign. Liberal Christians, if they get involved with Huckabee, could lose some of their respect for people who are different them themselves. But again, I don’t think smearing is the answer. Let’s restore the process of honest debate that the Joe McCarthy witch-hunts Nixon, Reagan and especially the elder Bush helped destroy.

    With the younger Bush, we have in charge of the country some kind of propaganda machine claiming it’s wonderful that George Jr. is firm on the war, but his immigration policy stinks. This is an insult and the opposite from the truth, and shows someone or something besides the current President is actually in charge of what’s going on.

    We are all becoming enslaved when we join the various propaganda machines that seem to control this country.

    Richard Kane Please include my email. RichardKanePA@aol.com
    215-563-2866 22 S 22nd St Apt 305 Phila PA 19103

    Some may have heard the term Red Diaper baby, for children of old Leftists. Well I’m a peace diaper baby. My father opposed fighting in World War II and the draft board couldn’t decide if a Jew who conscientiously opposed the war belonged to a mental hospital or in CO (Conscientious Objector) camp.
    We attended Quaker meeting and a lot of Jews who married Christians back then raised their children Quaker or Unitarian. When former Jews mentioned Quakers needing to supporting Israel, his disagreement seemed, to most, amazingly inspirational. And he was amazed because he was never inspirational on any other matter. As I said in the article I played around with Ron Paul until I realized how much it was changing me.

  27. cameron Says:

    just thought you might like this link about Cammy Franzese


  28. Richard Kane Says:

    We are all guessing that is all any of us can do.

    My guess is that Obama would be a better President than Huckabee. Image is important and often image creates reality.

    A tough woman in the White House is just what bin Laden needs in his efforts to energize Muslims toward hate. However McCains temper and Chevez’s love of bitting comments don’t go together either especially since McCain wants to encourage conservative his Hispanic immigration or free movement in this hemisphere.

    Danial Pipes and formally Jerry Falwell said the most hateful things they could about Prophet Mohammad. Yet more Muslims are upset by what tolerant secular Danes do, just because so many Danes feel that religion is ignorance.

    Anyway, even though I guess Oboma will do an all around better job. All my recent small donations have gone toward Huckebee because every dollar to Huckabee is as powerful as every hundred dollars for the other candidates because they have more money than they know what to do with.

    Pennsylvania is said to be an important state for Obama, so I plan to remain Democrat until Oboma seems to be getting a landslide. However I have trouble working in the Obama campaign because they seem fixated at getting Republicans to switch to Democrats, instead of getting my independent and Green Party friends to switch back and forth in their registration. I have been bugging my independent green friends

    Would in be legal to get a bunch of blank registration forms and fill in March for half, and May for half and give them to my independent and green friends. Maybe trying to grab and waste hundreds of registration forms would also be considered hostile or illegal.

    I’m’ in Philadelphia not NJ but have seen no local Huckabee blogs or contacts.

    RichardKanePA@aol.com 215-563-2866

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