Sunday’s NYTimes Metro section – NJ Huckabee supporters special


Yesterday IO was interviewed by Peter Applebom, writer for the NYTimes Metro section. Apparently the Huckabee fever is getting local. He interviewed a couple of supporter friends and was directed to this blog. Just a feew minutes ago a Photographer left my home so hopefully you will get to see the scary face behind the blog!

I encourage you to please – continue to show your support – you do not need to contribute $25.00 or more – a Buck for Huck is just fine: Mike has proven that he can stretch a dollar with the limited funds he’s spent on campaigning. Please click on my Ranger button to the right, and contribute a few dollars!

See you in tomorrow’s Metro section


2 Responses to “Sunday’s NYTimes Metro section – NJ Huckabee supporters special”

  1. wickle Says:

    Alright … I’ll be sure to look for a copy of the NYT.

    I wound up in a Washington Post blog, if I might shamelessly plug myself.

    Good for you!

  2. Rett Hatcher Says:

    great article… keep up the great work…

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