It all starts today

I’m here at work listening to Rush Limbaugh via streaming audio and I’m biting my tongue.

He insists that he’s neutral and that none of the candidates are “Reaganesque” – I do agree with him – Reagan was a once in a generation President. His comments to callers trying to appeal for our Huckster is that “he’s totally opposite of what Reagan was” – regarding raising taxes but Limbaugh steers far away from the 90+ tax cuts our Governor conducted. Limbaugh says Reagan was concerned with strengthening our military – but steers clear from Governor Huckabee’s Security plan that we must build a fearful military. Who else has even come close to a statement regarding building our military? Rush talks about Huckabee supporting Amnesty but is quiet on Mitt’s Amnesty flip-flop. I’m bothered that, sure, he’s responding to callers and claims that he’s not lifting anyone up, but I don’t hear him throughout this entire season things like Tim Russert cornered Mitt Romney on – His old words about not believing in Reagan’s philosophy. You can see the Mitt Meet the Press interview here on my blog.

NOW – for the good news: my feelings about this election are that we the people, have enough sources to get data on all the candidates, I’m happy to say that I do NOT think that us voters need the FOXNEWS’, Talk radio Rush/Hannity’s in the world for guidance (as much as I love them, though a much less these past 6 weeks) – as a matter of fact, I think we will help THEM! Suffice it to say, Huckabee’s climb to the top starts today, and as much as the GOP will hate to do it, they will AAALL be reluctantly backing Huckabee, because the best candidate will prevail.

According to the most recent Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll, Huckabee was garnering 31% of the vote (up from 29% a couple days ago), while Romney had drifted to 25% (down 1%). Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson and Sen. John McCain were hovering at around 10%, while Giuliani was only pulling in 5% in that poll.

The most jarring numbers came in Newsweek’s new sounding of Republican sentiment in Iowa. It had upstart Mike Huckabee racing out to a 39 percent showing and longtime Iowa leader Mitt Romney dropping to just 17 percent. That 22-point lead left many in the Hawkeye state pop-eyed and staring.


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  1. Jessie Says:


    Man i love reading your blog, interesting posts !

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