Huckabee declared Republican winner, Romney concedes Iowa to Huckabee

This is today’s Desmoines Register headline, and the first of many!

Congratulations Governor.

Next is maybe NH, but we see good signs coming from South Carolina, Florida, Delaware, and it’ll spread wider and stronger with time.

us Huckabeezers knew the attacks would be hard and heavy – and that they would not work – I said so right here.

Here’s what the political world is saying: click on the headline to read the entire article.

New York Times:

From Nowhere, Huckabee Prevails

Boston Globe:

Huckabee moves to front as Romney struggles

Wall Street Journal:


The Salt Lake City Tribune:

Romney’s big investment in Iowa turns bitter

International Herald Tribune, France:

Romney fails in Iowa, loses first of 2 back-to-back wins he hoped for

AND MY FAVORITE….. from the Washington Post:

Romney Concedes Iowa to Huckabee

Former governor Mitt Romney (Mass.) conceded the Iowa caucuses to former governor Mike Huckabee even as his campaign sought to pivot its focus to the upcoming New Hamphsire primary.

“This competitive finish here in Iowa puts us in the position of remaining competitive across the board in all of these early primary states. No other campaign can point to a similar measure of broad strength in the early primary states,” said Romney spokesman Kevin Madden following the caucus.

That fact hardly quelled the elation of the Huckabee campaign. “Although I not suprised I am very excited,” said Huckabee consultant Bob Wickers. “Given the margin of victory Mike Huckabee was able to speak not just to evangelicals, but the entire Republican coalition.”

From New Hampshire, Sen. John McCain called and left a message congratulating Huckabee. “The lesson of this election in Iowa is, one, you can’t buy an election in Iowa and negative campaigns don’t work. They don’t work there and they don’t work here,” McCain said.

On MSNBC, Rudy Giuliani, who had largely written off the Iowa contest, also responded to the caucus results. “I believe we need a candidate who can run in all 50 states and I believe I’m the candidate who can run in all 50 states,” he said.

Later, speaking on CNN from Florida the former New York mayor continued to downplay the importance of Iowa. Of his broader national focus, Giuliani said: “As we move along, I think you’re going to see that strategy pay off.”


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