Caucuses; IA, MICH, SC – So far in Iowa, Huckabee 39% Romney 23% No One Else in Double Digits

Michigan: Huckabee 21% Romney 20% Giuliani 19%

South Carolina: Huckabee 25% Romney 18% Thompson 18%

In SC, Huckabee, at least for the moment, is carrying out the plan envisioned by the Thompson campaign last summer. He attracts from 37% of Evangelical Christians and 29% of conservatives. Thompson currently earns 20% of the Evangelical vote while Romney is supported by 15%.

While Huckabee leads among conservatives, Romney has a modest edge among the smaller number of political moderates likely to vote in the Primary. Among moderates, it’s Romney 22%, McCain 16%, Huckabee 16%, and Giuliani at 14%.

A month ago, Thompson was leading among Evangelical Christian voters while Romney had the advantage among other Protestants. Today, Huckabee attracts 22% of other Protestants, Romney 21%, and Thompson 16%.

The race in South Carolina remains very fluid and could easily be impacted by results from earlier voting. Forty-one percent (41%) of Huckabee’s supporters say they will definitely vote for him but 19% say there’s a good chance they could change their mind.

Just 38% of Romney’s voters are certain they will vote for him while 18% say there’s a good chance they could change their mind.

All these numbers are according to the latest Rasmussen poll


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