GOOD GOSH: Polls breaking for Huck ALL OVER THE PLACE…

Posted by: Kevin McCullough on

Look at these numbers… and Mitt isn’t even in the top three in California and Pennsylvania
Nationally – Rudy 24%, Huck 22% (led briefly late last week in Rasmussen)

– Jan 3 – Huck 39% (up 8%), Mitt 17%, Fred 10%
New Hampshire – Jan 8 – Mitt 25% (down 10%), Rudy 17%, Huck 11% (up 2%)
Michigan – Jan 15 – Huck 21% (up 12 %), Mitt 20% (down 5%), Rudy 19%
Nevada – Jan 19 – Mitt 29%, Huck 23% (up 6%), Rudy 17%
South Carolina – Jan 19 – Huck 30% (up 10%), Mitt 19%, Fred 18%
Florida -Jan 29 – Rudy 32%, Huck 18% (up 7%), Mitt 15%
California – Feb 5 – Rudy 32%, McCain 18%, Huck 14% (up 10%)
Pennsylvania – Feb 5 – Rudy 27%, Huck 13% (up 7%), McCain 13%
Matt Lewis is reporting that it is this very precise momentum that the Romney camp is now actively trying to run interference through…


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2 Responses to “GOOD GOSH: Polls breaking for Huck ALL OVER THE PLACE…”

  1. christfollower Says:

    Great numbers! Gov. Huckabee is gaining steam as more and more people are exposed to his positive message and consistent conservative credentials. He is a breath of fresh air amidst a political world that pays lip service to social conservatives but doesn’t actually embrace our values. Gov. Huckabee does and his honesty and forthrightness are what are propelling him into the lead. Thanks for posting this data!!!


  2. eblack Says:

    very cool!!! he is gaining in national polls too! just give him time. Keep blogging positive stuff and defending the one or two stupid blemishes that he has made. Those are small. He is right on the money for what America needs… (namely Christ)

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