Giuliani, Huckabee Emerge as Strange GOP Bedfellows: Rudy would make a complimentary VP running mate

Interesting article. However I need to make a correction – the writer is clearly confusing the Mayor with the Governor ;o)  I believe Rudy as a VP running mate would bring support from the non-christian conservative base and unite the party and a Mike/Rudy(Mike as President of course) ticket would make a very complimentary and fearsome tag team.

Written by Russell Berman, Staff Reporter of the Sun

WASHINGTON — As the Republican presidential race devolves into a five-man free-for-all of sustained attacks and sharp rejoinders, one pair of candidates, Mayor Giuliani and Michael Huckabee, has avoided direct conflict, exchanging more compliments than criticism.

Mr. Huckabee, who has leapt to second in the Iowa polls, has drawn increasing fire from GOP contenders Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson, but not from Mr. Giuliani, who has described him as “wonderful.”

The former Arkansas governor seemed to respond in kind yesterday when he took Mr. Giuliani’s side in the former New York mayor’s bitter fight with Mr. Romney over their respective records as a mayor and governor.

“I think Mitt was the one who went after Rudy more than Rudy went after Mitt,” Mr. Huckabee told reporters in a conference call, when asked for his thoughts on the dispute that has played out in New Hampshire in recent days. Messrs. Romney and Giuliani have taken harsh shots at each other on a range of issues, including spending, taxes, immigration, and executive appointments.

The former Massachusetts governor, Mr. Huckabee suggested, didn’t know what he was getting into with Mr. Giuliani. “Mitt’s going to learn the hard way that if you go after Rudy, you better be prepared to take one upside the head, because Rudy’s an experienced fighter and knows how to do it. Mitt may have jumped into the cage with a guy that knows not only how to take a punch but to deliver one back.”

The comments only add to the perception that even as he rises in the polls, Mr. Huckabee is angling for the vice presidential slot on the Republican ballot, should Mr. Giuliani win the nomination. As an affable Southerner with a solidly conservative record on social issues, Mr. Huckabee could provide precisely the kind of geographic and political balance needed for a ticket topped by an occasionally abrasive New Yorker who supports abortion rights, analysts say.

A Republican pollster, Whit Ayres, said Mr. Huckabee was an “obvious” potential running mate for Mr. Giuliani. “The mayor is going to need a social conservative on the ticket or someone that appeals to social conservatives to unite the party,” he said. (Read page 2 of the article here)

I disagree as noted in my opening paragraph: It’s Huckabee that may seek out Rudy as a running mate



One Response to “Giuliani, Huckabee Emerge as Strange GOP Bedfellows: Rudy would make a complimentary VP running mate”

  1. Bob Dandi Says:

    What are you doing to help get Mike on the ballot for the primary? The deadline is fast approaching….contact the Huckabee campaign for details…

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