Sounds like a great Boxing Match: “MMMMitt-vs- RRRRrrrudyyyyyy”

just a couple of links: These two look like they’re ready to rumble. Hey Where’s Huckabee? Oh yeah – he’s just watching and doing what he does best: win-over new supporters!

This was a good week-end:

Rudy’s camp: Romney is a Hillary-mimicking “mediocre one-term governor” who appointed a bad judge (who made a bad decision at an inconvenient time) and saw the murder rate rise in his state (is there a worse Rudy insult?).

Romney’s camp: Rudy is a Hillary-mimicking liberal poll-trailer with a messy personal life and a “nasty side”

Giuliani-Romney Face Off on Crime, Healthcare, Spending

Giuliani Campaign Manager Returns Fire at Romney

Giuliani Says Romney Understands MA Health Plan Was a Mistake

Huckabee Pumps Rudy in Rudy-Romney Fight

Giuliani and Romney

 THE NOTE: Rudy and Mitt’s Nasty Fight



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