Hillary and her “Stained-Glass Masquerade”

sssshhhh… I guess we’re not supposed to know this was a staged event?

She was invited by the “owner of the church” (whatever that means) who happened to serve in the Clinton Administration for goodness sake.

Read on – tell me what you think…

Hillary Clinton Goes to Church, Brings Media

November 25, 2007 1:43 PM Tahman Bradley

ABC News’ Eloise Harper: For the first time the press has been invited to join New York Senator Hillary Clinton on an outing to church – a woman led the congregation, Associate Pastor Rev Jill Flyr.

Coincidently the topic of the sermon was the Children’s Defense Fund – a cause familiar to Clinton – and one she brings up regularly while campaigning. Flyr said to the audience in her sermon ““let the candidates know that they need to be strong advocates for children.”

Bonnie Campbell, the owner of the church, served in the Clinton administration as Head of the Violence Against Women’s office at the Department of Justice, invited the Senator to come this Sunday morning.

Campbell stood watch as many church-goers excitedly greeted Clinton in the hallway before entering the Church. When asked if any other candidates have stopped by, Campbell said that she didn’t understand that they were Methodist but that she would welcome them. Clinton sat wit the husband of the minister, the first attorney general of Iowa, and the first woman IDP chair who is also a campaign co-chair.

Clinton swayed as the choir sang “Jesus Loves Me,” and stood as she joined the congregation singing “Tell me the story of Jesus.” The press was seated up in the balcony and was unable to hear Clinton sing, or watch her enter or leave the service

The Senator was never directly acknowledged by the woman who officiated the service at Grace United Methodist Church, but was recognized by a reverend and Clinton received applause from the audience.

Clinton is a Methodist but attends church in other denominations as she travels. She has attended church three times in Iowa – including in Davenport, Decorah, and Des Moines.

She was wearing dark rimmed glasses as she followed along through the service.



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