Huckabee Challenges Romney for Lead in Iowa, Hauls in $1 Million by Midnight Deadline

The cash register struck a million at midnight for the Cinderella presidential campaign of Mike Huckabee.

According to the former Arkansas governor’s Web site, he received $1,043,496.41 in donations in the first 20 days of November, exceeding the campaign’s goal of $1 million and inching closer to meeting the monthly goal of $2 million.

The GOP dark horse-turned-contender has been riding a surge of strong polling and buzz in Iowa and played a significant role in hauling in gobs of online donations by the midnight Tuesday deadline.

And Huckabee’s good news didn’t stop there.

According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll released Wednesday, the once relatively unheard-of politician is pulling closer to even with front runner Mitt Romney among primary voters in the Iowa Republican caucuses. Twenty-four percent of likely GOP voters in the Hawkeye state told pollsters that Huckabee would be their nominee in the presidential race, while Romney holds a narrow lead with 28 percent.

The ABC-Post poll has a margin of error of 4.5 percent, putting Huckabee in a statistical dead heat for first place with Romney.

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