Mitt “Little Chicken” Romney unwilling to participate.

Mitt Romney decides to run away as fast as possible when confronted with the idea of goinghead to head with Huckabee on December 4th in IOWA. This was to be televised on FOXNEWS.

Party spokeswoman Mary Tiffany said former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee committed quickly to appear at the debate, but there was silence from the other candidates. When former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney told party leaders Wednesday he would not attend, Fox canceled the event, Tiffany said.

The e-mail blamed “Mitt Romney’s unwillingness to participate” as the reason for the cancellation.
(see the article here)

If I were Romney, you know: the one with tons of money to throw around to hopefully buy the Presidency, I’d be afraid too.

So – what do we make of this candidate that wants to lead our nation, but does not want to share center stage with his number one rival – the one that is going to pull into first place at the Iowa caucus?

With all his money and “influence” , I guess FOXNEWS decided hey – if Chicken Mitt can’t make it, well then I guess it’s just not worth it – let’s give him a pass and not go ahead as planned. So they did, and pulled the plug.

Mitt: are you chicken? Afraid the American people will see you get slammed by the Incredible Huckster YET you want to lead us as President? Come on – what else are we supposed to think?

On another note, Iowa GOP chairman Ray Hoffman personally emailed me this (Sat.) morning a response to my complaint about everyone bowing to Chicken Romney. He confirmed that he is working on a substitute and that it was FOX – which you can read in my post above.

FOXNEWS has done us a dis-service by electing to cancel coverage of the debate. I find it irritating that they say they’re fair and balanced yet bow to Chicken Romney.

So readers PLEASE: – send your complaints to FOXNEWS at:

And send a complaint to Ray Hoffman, Iowa GOP Chairman at:

Now – please help me with this dilemma:

Mitt is Little Chicken – but he’s running with his tail between his legs – so what does that make him? Please send me your suggestions


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