From Kevin Tracy’s blog: Romney Backs Out of an Important Iowa Debate

Fox News was going to hold a debate from Iowa on December 4th. The plan was to only allow candidates who had reached 5% nationally or in Iowa to attend. Which means the only people on stage would have been Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, and Mike Huckabee. It was a chance for the people of Iowa to get a serious look at the major presidential candidates without having to waste a half hour on the likes of Ron Paul, Duncan Hunter, and Tom Tancredo who don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning at this point.However, Mitt Romney, probably deciding so much time with Mike Huckabee and Rudy Giuliani on stage would be a bad thing for his numbers in Iowa, has elected to drop out of the debate and the Iowa Republican Party decided to cancel the entire debate all together.

Romney used the standard “scheduling conflict” excuse, which simply means he doesn’t want to debate the issues with serious candidates before thousands of Iowans.

While it’s not as significant as skipping the Ames Straw Poll, I certainly hope other campaigns and the conservative grassroots people can keep this story alive to embarrass Romney in Iowa and do some damage to his poll numbers in that state. The people of Iowa should be demanding the debate continue, with or without Romney. He isn’t the only candidate and he shouldn’t have the ability to silence the others and deny the people the right to a debate on important issues.

Make no mistake about Romney’s intentions. The more trivial he can make the debates seem with Paul, Tancredo, and Hunter wasting everyone’s time, the better he feels he can hold back Huckabee’s influence in the debates.

Thanks for the slap FNC and IRP; Because Romney was too afraid to share as much time as Huckabee and be hammered in front of America – why not just leave him with his tail between his legs and let the rest of America enjoy the benefits.

SHAME on them. And shame on Mitt for running scared…  a fine president he would make don’t you agree?  


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