KATV eVideo: Road to the White House: Mike Huckabee in Iowa

Click here to access the eVideo and article

here’s an excerpt:

Arkansas – The buzz about another politician from hope, Arkansas running for President started years ago. Back then he was considered one of about a half dozen “unknowns” on the national front.

But in recent weeks, Mike Huckabee’s name has been added to the top tier of candidates.

Channel 7 takes an inside look at how he’s done that as we go alongside the former Governor on the presidential campaign trail.

Shaking hands with potential voters and being interviewed by reporters. He has once again become common place for Arkansas’ former Governor Mike Huckabee.

Although the atmosphere is nothing new for this former Baptist minister who has spent more than 15 years as an Arkansas politician. This is the first time he’s campaigning outside the Natural State.

We caught up with Huckabee in Iowa where the January 3rd caucuses are less than two months away.


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