Evangelical Outpost’s CFG rebuttal

You can click the link on the blogroll, but here’s the article:

After being elected Governor of California in 1967, Ronald Reagan reneged on a campaign promise and signed into law the single biggest tax increase in the state’s history: $1 billion. (At the time, the total state budget was only about $5 billion. Adjusted for inflation and population growth, the increase in today’s dollars would be $10 billion.)

If the Club for Growth had been around in 1980, Reagan might not have become President. The influential fiscal conservative group would surely have done everything in their power to prevent the Gipper from gaining the nomination. They would have attempted to derail Reagan’s campaign just as they are now doing to Gov. Huckabee.

For several months the Club for Growth has been attacking Huckabee’s bona fides as a fiscal conservative. In the process, they’ve slandered the Governor’s record, deceived numerous trusting conservatives, and cast doubts on the organization’s honesty and trustworthiness. It’s a disgraceful situation made all the more shameful by our continued willingness to be duped.

In January when Huckabee announced he was forming an exploratory committee, the CFG released a white paper on the Governor’s record. (Oddly, Huckabee was the first candidate scrutinized even though he entered the race after McCain, Giuliani, Brownback, and Romney. For some reason, the CFG thought he was worthy of moving to the head of the line.) The following is an analysis of their white paper examining the question, “Is Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee a Pro-Growth, Economic Conservative?”

The CFG begins by grudgingly admitting Huckabee’s accomplishments:



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