GOP could be best gauge of Hillary success

By: Dan Gerstein
Oct 28, 2007 08:49 AM EST
Updated: October 29, 2007 05:06 AM EST

The best indicator of Hillary Clinton’s growing dominance of the Democratic presidential primary is not the widening gap in the polls, but the widening line of attack the Republicans have been taking against her over the last several weeks.

Slowly and subtly, the leading GOP presidential candidates and their right-wing amplifiers have moved beyond merely treating Clinton as a red-meat foil and cheap applause line. They are now mounting a synchronized, targeted argument against her candidacy — the kind usually reserved for direct opponents, not symbolic bogeymen.

But what’s even more telling than the Republicans’ unambiguous conclusion about whom the Democratic nominee will be is their near unanimous choice of how to initially define her months before the general election formally begins — as a big spender.

The right could be going after Clinton on any number of her perceived vulnerabilities — for being ethically suspect, or politically polarizing, or ideologically extreme. But instead of getting personal, the right is talking policy, and in a very concrete way.

Day by day, sound bite by sound bite, the Republican noise machine is trying to tear down Clinton’s carefully-crafted image as a fiscally balanced centrist by tallying up the cost to taxpayers of all the government programs she is proposing.

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