That Huckappeal – by Salena Zito (Sunday’s Townhall)

excerpt: Huckabee is rising among the GOP candidates, not by money. (He has little.) Nor by establishment support. (He has none.) And not by slick television or radio ads. (Again, no money.)

Huckabee is there because he has earned it, says Charlie Gerow, a Republican strategist in Harrisburg. “It’s pretty simple. This is a guy who brought the house down at the Values Voter Summit, wins or comes close to winning every debate, shocked everyone by placing second in the Ames, Iowa, straw poll and is now inching toward the top of the polls in the Iowa caucuses.”

…But Gerow says Huckabee could be dangerous to the Democrats “because he can galvanize the base.” And Democrat strategist John Lapp says Huckabee would awake that sleeping giant — the Republican base. He’d be the Democrats’ worst nightmare “if only he had money,” Lapp says.

His threat comes from all over — his executive experience as a governor, his own personal success story. And he has the steadiest hand and is the most optimistic out of the GOP bunch.”

Huckabee predicts he will survive Iowa and surprise in New Hampshire, where the state’s Republican chairman, Fergus Cullen, reports that Huckabee “is doing solid. While he is still in the ‘getting to know you’ stage, he has proven to be the best communicator of all of the candidates and has earned some impressive local endorsements.”

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