Monitoring the liberal blogs – here’s a couple posts:

Looks like some of our liberal friends are getting juuust a bit nervous???


Re: What’s Happening With Huckabee? (none / 0)

If his money raising picks up in Q4…watch out. I have been saying for well over a year that Huckabee would be the single most dangerous candidate we could face. You analogy with Bush, 2000 just smarter, is very very good.

He has some problems with the whole murderer he paroled, but frankly that’s not going to stop hi if he were nominated. His “compassionate conservatism” rhetoric is far more believable coming from him than it was with Bush.

We need to watch out for him, and truly hope he is not the nominee.

Re: What’s Happening With Huckabee? (none / 0)

Newest Iowa Poll, courtesy of Rasmussen Reports:

Romney: 25%
Thompson: 19%
Huckabee: 18%
Giuliani: 13%

Statistically tied for second? That’s damn impressive.

Re: What’s Happening With Huckabee? (2.00 / 2)

Huckabee is everything that Bush pretends to be.  He’s a honest-to-God Southerner, who really believes the pro-life agenda, and really makes policy that can sometimes be described as “compassionate.”  He can show up on the “Daily Show” and look reasonable.    Hell, he’s even pretty good in the debates.

In short, Huckabee scares the hell out of me.  Imagine if its Huckabee v. Hillary for the presidency.  Suddenly, Huckabee veers to the left on Iraq, and demands the troops out immediately.  Hillary will still support the Iraq policy she has now. . .that’s my nightmare scenario.  He has the ability, as crazy as he is, to outflank Clinton on her right and left.

Luckily for us, the man can’t fundraise to save his life.

by Jim Treglio on Wed Oct 17, 2007 at 09:40:11 PM EST

One Response to “Monitoring the liberal blogs – here’s a couple posts:”

  1. alec Says:

    this is fascinating. I think there is no better barometer for a candidates potential than to look at what the other side is saying. Mike will be an effective candidate in the general election because, while his positions will threaten liberals, his personality will not. They will be soothed and even attracted to his easy going and engaging style. This is why we need to nominate him.

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