Baptist Press Interview: Sept. 21, 2007

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Speaking across America, Gov. Mike Huckabee does not shy from letting voters know he is a presidential hopeful from Hope, Ark., and he is quick to add they should “give Hope a second chance.”

Sharing a birthplace heritage with a former president [Bill Clinton] is not the only novelty that some identify with him. Huckabee is known as the “preaching governor” (he was a Southern Baptist pastor prior to politics) and for being “half the man” of his former self (he lost 110 pounds after being diagnosed with Type II diabetes).

He also plays bass guitar in a rock and roll band known as Capital Offense (preferring a heavy guitar genre like the Rolling Stones and Creedence Clearwater Revival). But Huckabee’s governance of one of the poorest states in the nation and his strong debate performance combined with his policy positions have gained him crucial recognition.

In 2005, Time Magazine named him one of “America’s 5 Best Governors,” citing…  Read the rest:Part I – policy issues: Huckabee expresses vision & tradition

Part II – Values and beliefs: Huckabee will seek to keep the faith


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