Huckabee vs Paul’s Politics Blog

Picking a fight with Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) is a questionable strategy but it just paid off for Huckabee.

After Paul — yet again — advocated the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq, Huckabee managed to both criticize the war and praise the surge.

“We have to continue the surge,” said Huckabee. “What we did in Iraq is we essentially broke it. It’s our responsibility to try and fix it.”

Paul challenged Huckabee on the idea that America “broke” it, arguing that a handful of advisers to President Bush bore responsibility for the war.

Huckabee wouldn’t let it go. “If we make a mistake, we make it as one country,” said Huckabee to huge roars of applause. “Even if we lose elections we should not lose our honor and that is more important than the Republican party.”

A very nice moment for Huckabee.


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