Huckabee Vaults To Head Of Pack After Debate Performance

September 06, 2007

Little Rock- AR – Former Governor and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee (AR) placed second in a Fox News post-debate poll of online viewers, topping all of the other so-called ‘first-tier’ contenders, following last night’s debate in New Hampshire.

Huckabee received 18% of American Idol styled Text Message votes, compared to 15% for Giuliani, 14% for McCain and 12% for Romney.

“I’m very pleased to see the strong support I have among Fox viewers who watched last night’s debate. There was clearly a feeling of intense energy in the debate hall for the campaign. It’s gratifying to know that my optimistic, conservative, results-oriented message connects with voters-and that we have the numbers to back that perception,” said Huckabee.

Huckabee’s debate victory continues his campaign’s tremendous momentum, which was sparked by a strong Second Place showing at the Republican Party of Iowa Straw Poll in August.

Campaign Manager Chip Saltsman said: “Governor Huckabee clearly had a break-out moment during his exchange with Congressman Ron Paul during last night’s debate – which illuminated his leadership qualities, experience, dedication to principle, and vision for a unified America. The Fox poll is yet another indicator that voters are beginning to realize that Governor Huckabee has what is needed to take America to higher ground.”

Huckabee’s upward climb was affirmed with last week’s American Research Group poll numbers showing him with growing momentum in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

Huckabee, who scored a stunning second-place in the Republican Party of Iowa straw poll on Aug. 11, received support from 14 percent of Iowans and 9 percent of New Hampshire Republicans in the ARG poll. Huckabee stands at 9 percent in South Carolina, up from 3 percent in July.

A wide array of bloggers joined Fox News viewers in naming Huckabee the winner of last night’s debate. Highlights can be found on the campaign blog.


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