Huckabee Believes to be Attractive Choice Over Clinton

Little Rock (AP) –

Presidential hopeful, Mike Huckabee, says Republican congressional members acted admirably in calling for the resignation of Idaho Senator Larry Craig.

Crag who pleaded guilty in a gay sex sting stepped down from office Saturday.

During his interview on ABC’s this week, Huckabee was asked about the scandal.

Huckabee said that if Craig remained in office everyone would be waiting “for the other shoe to drop.” The former governor also laid out his qualifications for the office of president.

(Mike Huckabee/Republican Presidential Candidate) “I’ve been a governor ten and a half years and governed conservatively, but also governed with results. And what people in this country are looking for is not just a conservative or even a liberal. What they’re looking for is someone who’s effective, who can get the job done.”

Watch the KATV e-video here

Huckabee also said he would bring contrast to a presidential race between himself and former Arkansas first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.

He says Senator Clinton is a strong candidate and republicans would be wise to provide voters a candidate who could be equally strong and a sharp contrast to her on the issues.


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