Music to His Ears Mike Huckabee Hit a Chord in Iowa and Is Off and Running

By Sridhar Pappu

Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, August 31, 2007; Page C01


Sarah Huckabee has known her father, Mike, as many things. When she was little, he was the man whose wallet she could dig into with any sentence that began “Daddy, I need . . . .” Later, he was the man whose ascent to the Arkansas governor’s office ripped her away from her friends and familiar surroundings the summer before she entered high school. Now, as his national field director, she’s known him as a Republican Party candidate for president and charismatic speaker. But, she says, she’s never known him as “hip.”

“We’d have to work on some of his clothing options before I’d say that,” the 25-year-old Huckabee says during lunch Wednesday at a brew pub here where her father — sporting a prep-school ensemble of a blue-striped oxford shirt and blue blazer — eats with a local newspaper columnist.

But hip is precisely what Huckabee has become in the weeks since he placed second in the Iowa Straw Poll on Aug. 11. Indeed, since walking into the media filing room that night and being swarmed by the media as if he were — these are his words — “Britney Spears being released from prison,” Huckabee has been seen as the cuddly antidote to what has been an awfully tough-talking Republican field. He’s the affable, compassionate, good guy and rock-and-roll evangelical who plays guitar and wants to hang with the Rolling Stones.

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2 Responses to “Music to His Ears Mike Huckabee Hit a Chord in Iowa and Is Off and Running”

  1. Lynne Eldridge M.D. Says:

    Huckabee’s ideas for changing the “health care” system, demonstrate that he has carefully thought through many of the issues, and is living some of the answers! In a country where we are now predicted to outlive our children (life expectancy is expected to decline) due to obesity, how refreshing it is to have a candidate that promotes nutrition as a hobby! His ideas about prevention alone could really make a tremendous impact on cancer. We know that 80-95 percent of cancers have an environmental component. Currently one in three women will develop some form of non-skin cancer, and 20 percent of cancers in women in the US are due to obesity. He has also shown that he can look at the “big picture” with regards to health costs, in eliminating copays and deductibles for cancer screening for things such as colonoscopies for state employees in Arkansas. Knowing the cost of cancer treatment, anyone completing economics 101 could easily see the tremedous savings in health dollars, let alone lives.

    Lynne Eldridge MD
    Author, “Avoiding Cancer One Day At A Time: Practical Advice for Preventing Cancer”

  2. Lisa Says:

    Great article, thanks for posting it!

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