One Of Our Own

New Man Magazine, July/Aug 2007

Mike Huckabee is pro-life, pro-family and the happily married father of three who is a former pastor. After being governor of Arkansas for 10 years, he may be the best qualified candidate to become U.S. president in 2008.


By Thomas J. Harrington and Anthony Bonna

His name might not be familiar yet. You haven’t seen him on Oprah or spotted his face on the cover of Time magazine. Yet when it comes to character, experience and the qualities of a great leader, Mike Huckabee has them.

Don’t be misled by the news coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign. Based on the media’s whim and the ever-changing mood of a drama-hungry public, an artificial top tier of presidential candidates is being presented.

These “frontrunners” often have more style than substance and better marketability than morality. Catapulted to prominence, they steal the spotlight from more worthy candidates, who suffer the silent death of media neglect.

Read the rest or the article here


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